Mazā Jugla is the tenth longest river in Latvia, which starts in Taurupe parish, flows through Ogre, Ikšķile, Salaspils and Stopiņi counties, but flows downstream along the border of Garkalne and Stopiņi counties. The height of the small Jugla source is above 130 meters above sea level, but the estuary is 0.1 meters above sea level.

“Mazā Jugla” is navigable for a rather long period, starting from Turkalne at low flood level and from Suntaži or Diedziņš at high flood level. The river near Diedziņa is already quite large, about 10 meters wide, but immediately behind the bridge there is a dam 0.5 meters wide. There are no dams further to Suntaži, there are only small rapids. offers an exciting boat trip Tīnūži – Līči. The recommended route is from Tīnūži to Līči or to Upeskalni bridge, which is located in the Riga region. This route is sporty and active, because the river is not deep and in some places, in the lower water level rapids, boats may have to tow. Water levels in some places can be quite low, there are rapids, and the speed of the river tends to be very variable. There are several bends along the route that will require active rowing and steering to maintain the direction of the river. This particular route is for two days and you can choose to stay in a campsite or guest house.

There are several dolomite outcrops on the banks of the river, which provide an opportunity to relax and enjoy the small sandy beaches.