Maza Jugla is a relatively small, narrow river with a variable flow. Maza Jugla is the 10th longest river in Latvia. The length of the river is 119 km. It merges with the Liela Jugla in the south-eastern part of Lake Jugla. In summer, this stage is more suitable for those who like to overcome various difficulties, because the river will have a lot of tools, a lot of fallen trees, a beaver dam. In some places the river will be shallow. To choose the most suitable boat for the route, consult the boat rental “” staff.


The length of the route is about 17 km, in spring this distance can be covered in one day, and in summer the route can be divided into two days. The starting point for starting a kayaking trip can be chosen in Suntāži, the raft can be completed both in Turkalne, which will be a moderate trip in one day, and in Tīnūži as a finish line, there are a large number of campsites along the river. We will help you arrange accommodation and get your kayak to the starting point of your route.

The river carries its waters from the source to the estuary, and life in the water and on the banks is in full swing.

Little Jugla is very winding, with many rapids and dams. Along the river, on the bank, it is possible to organize picnics and grill on the grill, which flows through the districts of Ogre and Riga. Starts in Taurupe area, flows through Ogre, Ikškiļi, Salaspils and Stopino counties; downstream flows along the border of Garkalne and Stopino counties.

The Malay Jugla spring is located at an altitude of 130 m above sea level and the estuary is 0.1 m above sea level. The river is winding, with several rapids and dams, small outcrops of sandstone and dolomite along the banks. In some places the river flows calmer. The river is popular with water tourists.