Maza Jugla river trip is suitable for those who live near Riga and for those who want to take a day boat trip on the river.

The river and the surroundings on this route are changeable and interesting – you will see both beautiful natural landscapes and neat and beautiful houses. Although the water level in the river is low during the summer season, this is definitely not an obstacle to this wonderful adventure.

The course of the river is calm and there will be no serious obstacles at this stage. Although the river is not very wide, it is looked after and cleaned so that there are no trees and other unwanted obstacles in the way, so it is easy to ride on the site with younger children.

Even if it’s just a day trip, it will definitely be special and exciting – with several bridges, turns, small waterfalls, rivers with different speeds and magnificent scenery. The total length of the Jugland-Bay route is about 15 kilometers.

You can diversify your rafting and start with a game of paintball in Jugland Park. Thanks to the location of the park and its beautiful and untouched nature, as well as a large playground, it is easily accessible and ideal for any event and group.