1 day

Ligatne - Sigulda

We offer to rent boats for an easy 1-day trip along the beautiful Gauja. The length of the route is 24 km, the start of the route at the Līgatne ferry.
2 days

Tīnuži - Līči

The route has several turns, where you will have to actively steer to stay in the direction of the river. The specific route is for two days.
1 day

Jugland - Līči

A day trip will be exciting, with several bridges, small waterfalls, several turns, different river currents and beautiful scenery.
1 day


A Maza Jugla is a relatively small, narrow river with currents of different speeds. Possibility to choose multi-day routes. The starting point for boating can be chosen in Suntaži, where you can choose both Tūrkalni, which is a one-day trip, and Tīnuži as the finish.

Boat routes along Latvian rivers

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