Boat Routes

1 day

Ligatne - Sigulda

We offer to rent boats for an easy 1-day trip along the beautiful Gauja. The length of the route is 24 km, the start of the route at the Līgatne ferry.
2 days

Tīnuži - Līči

The route has several turns, where you will have to actively steer to stay in the direction of the river. The specific route is for two days.
1 day

Jugland - Līči

A day trip will be exciting, with several bridges, small waterfalls, several turns, different river currents and beautiful scenery.
1 day


A Maza Jugla is a relatively small, narrow river with currents of different speeds. Possibility to choose multi-day routes. The starting point for boating can be chosen in Suntaži, where you can choose both Tūrkalni, which is a one-day trip, and Tīnuži as the finish.

Kayak rental offers kayaks for rent suitable for water tourism on the rivers and lakes of Latvia.

Boating is our passion, so we want to share our exciting experiences and introduce water activities.

We offer fishing and recreational kayak trips along the rivers of Latvia, as well as transport that will take you and the kayaks to the start of the route and pick up the boats when you finish the trip. We can advise the most suitable route for you, as well as give advice on choosing a trip.


Benefits of kayaking

Sporty lifestyle

Kayaking keeps the body in shape


The kayak does not sink on the water due to the material from which it is made


Smooth gliding on the water will allow you to relax

Maneuverability and compactness

On a kayak you can get to the most inaccessible places of the reservoir

Versatility of movements

Kayaks are not afraid of rocks or sharp shells


Special design minimizes the possibility of turning the kayak upside down